La Mula Muerta

The Dead Mule

Director / Writer / Producer Short Film

Beatriz is having an affair with her boss, Nicolas, an ambiguous and elusive guy. When his wife comes to Beatriz´ house to blackmail her, she has to decide whether her love for him is something worth fighting for.

Spanish with english subtitles

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Director / Writer / Producer Short Film

D is an animated short film that tells the story of “d”, a dot in a book being chased by a fountain pen that eagers to transform him into a big ink stain. Ironically, in the end, the hunter becomes the prey and the tables turn for the pen as it watches “d” become a big ink monster with a thirst for revenge.

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Writer / Producer Short Film

There is a santeria ritual that states that the soul of two people can be united forever if there is love between them. But there is a catch: if love is not present death will come. Even knowing the risk, Nani takes the leap of faith and performs the ritual.

Spanish with english subtitles

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Jesus TV

Executive Producer Short Film

Jesus comes back to free the human race from sin, but no one is paying attention. To change this he takes advice from a supposedly good angel and creates his own miracle-filled reality show.

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Director / Writer CGI Intro

NOTICINE is Venezuela´s National Board of Film official newscast. It runs on every 400+ film teathers around the country, for 3 minutes, on every function. For 2014 I was asked to develop a 30 second animated opening credits. We developed a concept called "Imposible Film Animals" and created this spot.

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La más fiera de las bestias The beast of beasts

Caracas, Venezuela. 2014
Feature Film Adaptation from Novel to Screenplay

A fugitive with no memory has to dig into his past to prove he´s innocent, but his past turns out different of what he expected.

Action Thriller

(In development)

Empacados Packed

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2009
Feature Film Screenplay

A middle-class family inherits an old house located in a high class neighborhood. It´s not good news.


watch on Vimeo (89 minutes / spanish only)

Caracoles y Cascabeles Seashells and Rattles

Caracas, Venezuela. 2010
Short Film Original Story & Screenplay

Jonas, Ramiro´s son, thinks there is an evil spirit in the forest surrounding their home. Ramiro needs to make Jonas confront this fear so he can follow his footsteps and become a great fisherman.


watch on Vimeo (14:30min / spanish only)

Libre Free

Caracas, Venezuela. 2009
Short Film Original Story & Screenplay

Two convicts have an escape plan that no jail could ever see coming.


watch clip on YouTube (1:36min / spanish only)

¿Que importa cuanto duran las pilas? Who cares how long the batteries last?

Caracas, Venezuela. 2009
Short Film Original Story & Screenplay

A voice cries for help from inside a street sewer. It is all part of a heist carefully planned by a band of thieves.


watch clip on YouTube (1:30min / spanish only)

Caminos de Ciencia Paths of Science

Caracas, Venezuela. 2006-2007
TV series Story Supervisor (1st & 2nd Season)

Broadcasted by Venezuela´ Goverment tv channel "VTV", Caminos de Ciencia was a 12-episode documentary series focusing on technology and innovation throughout the country.


watch clip in YouTube (3:40min / spanish only)